May 2008

BBB created in April 2008 its new production : Contrepied

BBB created with great success the production Contrepied in St-Pölten (Austria)
Duration 77’ and 55’ for young audiences.

Here are some press extracts from St-Polten :

NÖN - 21 Avril 2008
Contrepied is about the story of life with its games and its arguments, its joys and struggles. The game of a life.
« Black Blanc Beur » is dancing football until people kneel down.

APA0057 5Ki 0387 - 20 Avril 2008
"B3" : philosophers, ironical, virtuoso...
The football seen as a parable of life.
"Contrepied" neither presents a parody nor a tribute but a spiritual rise of this topic (...). B3 get 80 mns of pure stage entertainment even to the audience who is allergic to sports.
Among the uncountable tries for artistic opening in prelude of the Euro 2008, the show "Contrepied" is unquestionably the most interesting and achieved one.

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