March 2008

BBB will create Contrepied a new production in Austria next month.

BBB recreates "Contrepied" the first production choreographed by Christine Coudun.
"Contrepied is a small masterpiece of energy, humour and intelligence. "JL. Hervé- Les Nouvelles de Versailles- September 1990
"Contrepied" is a choreographic piece whose topic is football and athletic gesture.
This production created in 1990 left good memories, so much that many programmers dreamed of seeing it again.
Mrs. Mimi Wunderer from St Pölten, Austria urged on this project and succeeded in convincing the team. In this year of Euro in Austria, she has suggested us to produce again on this topic.
The matter and the music haven’t aged, but even it is appealing not to repeat it , but re-create it using today’s news, which is much more and still part of this topic.

Based on a narrative frame referring to the life of two "football chidren", this show relates the universal history from now on, of a popular social background, where the parents, as the children and friends are tempted, pushed, by the need for emancipation through the media.
What has changed, is more the dancers than football. Social and political stakes are still the same. The audience and the importance of the phenomenon followed the explosion of the media and especially television.
In 1990, the B3 dancers were more self-taught with various stylistics, from jazz, rock’n’roll, funky to hip hop grooving through reggae. All the boys were also football players.
We almost laid down the original music the day of the general rehearsal because work could be done only through the pleasure of dancing on the binary rhythms of hip hop music.

In 2007, some boys and girls play football but the others, in their majority, are at an interesting distance from the phenomenon.
The development of the gestures in dancing, particularly in break dancing which has been the main practised and developed stylistic these 5 last years, the increasing capacity of the dancers to be embodied out of their circle and their personal desires give to the project an exciting turn.

Creation from April 19th to April 26th 2008 in St-Polten, Austria.

"This show tells the routes of two kids who dream of football. One of them will succeed, the other won’t. On the stage dreamed models which much resemble to the sublimated fathers make their appearance. Rehashes of the dramaturgy of a choreographed match, where dancers are more braggart than ethereal dandies. Markings, winger’s battle dance of the scalp in front of the libero. Tackles and aesthetically pleasing trips performed in a slow motion way. Two techniques mixed on a popular emotion background »
Luc Le Vaillant- Libération- September 1990

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