September 2005

"The prejudice which establishes some discrimination between perception and thought has not disappeared nowadays. All our education system is still founded on the study of words and numbers.

Admittedly, our children at the nursery school make their training by looking at pleasant forms and handling them ; if they invent original forms on papers or in clay, that is because they think through perception. But since primary school, the senses have started to lose a little from their educational statute. The Schools of Arts are more and more regarded as being a pleasant pastime, an entertainment and a derivative. The more the recognized disciplines insist on the study of words and numbers, the more their relationship with arts is distant and they get reduced to a desirable, but minor activity... "... "Arts are neglected because they are based on perception and perception is despised because it is not supposed to arise the thought. In fact, teachers and the administration could not be able to justify that a place of choice is granted to Arts as long as they will not have understood that art constitutes the most powerful means of reinforcing the perceptive component, without which the productive thought is impossible in all the fields of the human effort "... Here is what Rudolf Arnheim writes in 1969 at the beginning of his book “La Pensée Visuelle” / "the Visual Thought"

We have reached the end of September 2005 and talking about the place of “senses” in the access to knowledge is still a current matter. After some timid projections these last years the role and the place of Arts in schools are still minor. The plethora of useless and expensive intermediaries between the artists, the students and the teachers testify of the little evolution of this matter. The decentralization of the State services to the other local authorities is naturally a question of method but, it is above all the question of the line that wants to be given to it. More elected officials and teachers are convinced that the thought could not be disconnected from perception ; our reflection must be nourished with our experience. The nature of how the artists are employed, is only some recurrence of this fundamental issue.

As for the artists of the Saint-Quentin-in-Yvelines urban area, of whom many of us belong to, a meeting is planned before the end of the year 2005 in order to better define and assess the vital contribution that the artists can produce. It is a common interest to establish some durable partnership.

The Company current events : The 2005-2006 tours of the dance shows "Si je T’M ", "Break Quintet” and "Défilles" start in October again after a summer break. A lot of dates are planned through France and nice projects abroad are expected in Spain, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Argentina and in Chile as in Japan (to be confirmed). The start of the new school year 2005- 2006 seems to confirm a reliable calendar of touring shows, particularly with the project called “si loin, si proche”/ "So far, so near" which should take place in Argentina within the context of a crossed co-operation with France to which the associations Autre(s)p’ Arts and La Villette will take part to. We hope that tour will be developed in Chile thanks to the support of the AFAA.

Concerning the training workshops. At the end of the year 2005, Christine Coudun will develop two teaching sessions for the students of CREPS in the Nord Pas-de-Calais area. She will then create for the dancers of the company "Dans la rue la danse" from Roubaix, a show whose delivery is scheduled in February 2006. The company still continues its consciousness-raising campaigns in “la Ville Nouvelle” and those already carried out a little everywhere when touring in France and abroad.

On the level of new choreographic creations, Christine works from now on, for her next creation of the company "Au Féminin" which will be a 100% female performance and that will gather the female staff of the company (choreographer, assistant choreographer, dancers, wardrobe master, lighting engineer...). This creation will be delivered in March 2006 in the Parisian suburb.

On the request of a German composer, who discovered “Si je T’M” during a summer tour in Germany, we will collaborate and set up in June 2006, a dance show entitled "Händel meets hip hop" with a traditional orchestra of Kaiserslautern and our dancers. This is part of the fringed cultural program of the world cup of football.

Concerning our institutional partners : We received the support from the DRAC, as independent Company, and the support from the Fasild and the deposit and consignment office. We hope for the confirmation of a major and perennial support from the Region Ile de France. We also expect to receive this year the direct support of Trappes, district council from Saint-Quentin-in-Yvelines where we will play a more important part each year to come and where we have long time connections. To conclude : Welcome to Jacques Pornon who takes in a few days the management of the national scene of Quentin Saint en Yvelines. I will talk to you again in the next edito and before then I wish a good new start. Jean Djemad - Trappes Saint-Quentin-In-Yvelines September 2005

P.-S. : Our Company does not have any link with the sexual or pornographic Web sites with which use the name of Black Blanc Beur.

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